We lead the path towards comfortable sustainability. We do it in main markets such as South Florida, combining design, intelligent technology and a pro-environment vision. We just don’t “make homes”, we’re constantly building a better quality of life. Join us!


CWV GO was born based in the merge of CWV Group and Green Orizzont. With sustainability as constructive and philosophical criteria, we’ve found fertile ground for our proposals development, both in the private and the public sector.

We make a difference by integrating fundamental aspects, that shape our style of work: Seamless architectural design, finish details that really stand out and intelligent technology, always seeking new ways of minimizing environmental impacts.

We are pioneers in the construction of LEED certified residences, something unheard of until recently in this region. Whereas innovation at home was only present in the luxury sector, we are changing perspective around. Our most recent projects feature products from Tesla, Q Cells, LG and Solar Edge, among other leading brands. We count on them to achieve greater efficiency in energy consumption.

We are seeeking prospects for new sustainable constructions with LEED Certified and American Standard Certification endorsements. Beyond the particularities of each case, there is a unifying element: a commitment to efficient, high-quality real estate developments, purposed towards modern families.

Maintaining a macro vision, we act in the private area while collaborating with the public sector. In this sense, we are in permanent contact with authorities from the University of Miami School of Architecture. We contribute ideas and land for work with residents, and we promote housing aimed towards different economic profiles, respecting the local architectural styling.

This is how we are deploying urban evolution in South Florida, looking for a comprehensive positive impact. And we feel like this is just beginning.


FOUNDER & CEO. Born in Argentina and residing in Miami, Octavio Rinaldi comes from a family dedicated to different industries, among them property development. Graduated from La Matanza University with a degree in International Commerce - certified by the University of Buenos Aires - Mr. Rinaldi is today an entrepreneurial leader with ample experience in real estate.

Founder and CEO of the CWV Development Group, CWV Realty Group and a co-founder of CWV Property Management in Miami, his career spans the last two decades. The enterprises he manages and completes through his companies are aimed at those interested in new opportunities in South Florida.

The services he provides are at the forefront of the market. His clients are at the top of his priorities and his availability for them is absolute. These aspects, at the core of his professional ethics, add to his enormous knowledge of the market and fluid communication with all players.

Success is reflected in the results of the CWV Development Group, whose operations have reached 50 million USD. At the same time, the boutique real estate firm CWV Realty - in association with Latin American investors - has generated 300 million dollars in sales since its inception, only three years ago.


OCTAVIO RINALDI - FOUNDER & CEO. In Mr. Rinaldi's vision, there is a strong sense of community and respect for the environment. Under the premise of preserving the architectural style in each area, he works closely with an architect from the University of Miami, who specializes in urban development. He is also collaborating in the creation of the city's new Urban Code, Miami 21.

Positive changes in Miami are of his particular interest, and West Grove has become an area of great dynamism in this respect. Rinaldi has driven projects aimed at workers and people of lower incomes, with the goal of building housing that allows the local residents to remain in the neighborhood. He has worked closely with commissioner Ken Russel, realizing community projects ranging from small farms to activities promoting environmental care and quality of life. At the same time, Octavio chairs the Commodore Club South in Key Biscayne, a condominium that has provided benefits to the local community.

One of Mr. Rinaldi's largest projects is undergoing construction at the Grove, under the CWV Homes & CWVGO (a partnership between CWV and Green Orizzont). Adhering to the highest standards in sustainability, the projects implement intelligent technology and resources that were previously limited to the premium segment in Miami. CWV Group has several LEED-certified projects in its portfolio, which establishes a significant difference when compared to other developers. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system traces a path towards ecological architecture, smart products and energy use.

CWV Group operates in the Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, West Brickell, Coral Gables and Bal Harbour Island areas, which have great local, national and international demand. CWV Realty has consolidated its operation with more than 100 units sold, consulting in the Aston Martin Building, and managing more than 300 properties in South Florida. Octavio Rinaldi plays an active role in all the companies that form CWV Group. His input in urban evolution for the past two decades, and his gaze towards the future centered in the general well-being, position him as an undisputed leader in the real estate industry.


CO-FOUNDER & CEO. Daniel Szmidt was born in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the 1960s and 70s, he attended school and college in Uruguay, where his father was an industrial business manager.

In 1976 he returned to his home country to manage - alongside his brother - a plastic and elastomer engineering enterprise. He specialized in providing products to heavy industries (oil, mining, iron and steel, food, and agriculture, among others). In parallel, Daniel initiated his studies in Business Management, in the Argentinian capital.

During the 90s, whilst co-managing his company he accomplished several other goals. Some of these were importing European technology, obtaining Quality Norms ISO 9002 certification, and becoming the main provider for oil and gas pipelines in Latin America, reaching the leadership of the polyurethane casting industry - castable urethanes - by processed volume, in Argentina.

After three decades, Daniel stepped away from these activities to face yet another professional challenge. His new areas of focus: Real Estate and Sustainable Construction.

In 2009 he began investing in the US. After evaluating options in Miami, he became interested in home building and on improving the quality of life in underprivileged areas. In parallel, he started related activities - advising foreign investors, interested in pre-construction opportunities.


DANIEL SZMIDT - CO-FOUNDER & CEO. In 2011 he started to bring his project to life, focusing on West Coconut Grove, an area defined by the US government as the 'Opportunity Zone'.

Whilst getting involved in specific aspects of business and society in this location, Daniel developed a manifest titled: “New Vision for West Coconut Grove”. In the manifest, he proposed a program with three goals: improving quality of life, generating work opportunities, and growing the tax base of the city.

During this time, Daniel continuously took part in events associated with sustainable construction and efficient energetic use, as exemplified with his participation in the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, in 2016 in Los Angeles, 2017 in Boston, 2018 in Chicago, and 2019 in Atlanta.

Since 2015 Mr Szmidt has maintained regular meetings with Miami authorities and professionals from other related sectors. Among them are Marc Sarnoff (ex-Commissioner) and Teresa Sarnoff, Francisco Harcía (City Planning Director) and his staff: Sonia Chao (Director of the University of Miami School of Architecture) and Steven Fett (Adjunct Faculty Member at UM School of Architecture and CUCD member); and also with Ken Russel (Commissioner) and his team. These meetings with those responsible for the management and development of Miami and Coconut Grove, have become a valuable source of knowledge exchange, enriching Daniel’s vision and mission.

In parallel, he has been studying the market closely, in cooperation with Octavio Rinaldi; CEO of the CWV Group. Their mutual interest and understanding of sustainability and quality of life principles has resulted in a new business partnership: CWV GO. Since 2019, CWV GO has grown to present a unique set of characteristics:

- CWV GO is not a fixed product, instead, it is an evolutive concept in sales, based on efficient technology (smart) and environmental management strategies (green).

- It is highly committed to the environment, resource management, aesthetic involvement, and urbanistic and sociocultural contexts.

- Its management aims to continuously improve - from start to the finalization of each project.

Several housing complexes are already in the construction plan stage. These projects are innovative and developed with smart home technology; respecting the local architectural style. Social benefits are also planned: CWV has offered spaces to the city that will be used to create community gardens and communal horticulture allotments.

These coordinates place Mr. Daniel Szmidt’s in the center of the sustainable real estate field. His integration in the region of Florida has become an important standpoint towards the development of what has already been planned, welcoming new challenges inside Grove, and other possible areas of interest.



MATIAS ABERASTURY - Project Manager.

JOSEFINA CHEVALIE - Project Accounting.


NATALIA CARVALHOS - Project Accounting.

VANESA RESTREPO - Assistant Broker.

MARTA BAJO BARRIO - Senior Project Manager.

GUIDO CONEGLIANO - Vice President Development Division.